We are looking for Head coaches and assistant coaches for our Inter League teams.

Head Coach

Following the FAI Curriculum we are looking for head coaches for each age group.

Responsibilities include planning and running our league centre, finalising a 2022 squad and plan a development program and training sessions for the panel.

Head coach is also responsible for team selection and attending competitive matches.

Candidates should have a minimum ‘C’ license and coaching experience. If not a ‘C’ we will support candidates to attain their qualification.

Assistant Coaches

We are also looking for assistant coaches for U12/U14/U15/U16. Coaches will work with the head coach to ensure effective management of league centres, training sessions and match day squads.

We will support coaches who want to pursue a coach badge.

If interested please apply in the first instance to cwsslsecretary@gmail.com

An application and interview process will follow.


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